Choosing compassion

My 34th birthday is coming up. It isn’t really a “milestone” year, but since entering my 30’s I’ve tried to use birthdays as a reason to set a goal for myself — kind of like a secondary new year’s resolution. Sometimes it’s crossing an item off my “bucket list” and other times it’s a permanent lifestyle change.

Birthdays, Beaches, & Booze in the Bahamas


One of the best perks of living by the ocean in Florida is, of course, cruises leaving from your backyard (with state resident discounts)! Mom and Devon actually both have the same birthday, and would be celebrating milestones this year: she turned 65 and he turned 40. We decided to celebrate with my dad and brother on a family cruise, sailing out of Jacksonville on the Carnival Elation for 4 days. This was my first visit to the Bahamas.

A Whirlwind Trip to Asia, Part 1: Bali, Indonesia

The immediate question most people had upon telling them I was going to Indonesia was, “Why?”  Of course, my first answer is always “Why not?” and my second answer is usually “Hashing!” See the world, meet new people, go for a run, sing silly songs, and drink copious amounts of beer. The great thing about hashing is it allows travelers to get off the beaten path, which sometimes means literally getting lost in the woods, but it’s always guaranteed to be a good story nonetheless.