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My Italian Study Abroad Adventure: Part 1 of 5

Last summer marked a full decade since my study abroad experience in Italy. Surfing a wave of nostalgia, I dug through my closet and unearthed the handmade journal that I bought from a little leather goods shop in Montepulciano, the Tuscan hill town I called home for five weeks. As a fine arts major, one of my classes involved creating a sketchbook journal during the time we spent in Italy. In the journal I had saved everything from receipts to ticket stubs to pressed flowers. In addition to taking hundreds of photos, I also typed out all of my journal scribblings (I tried to write something every day) and scanned a few of the finished sketches, which were all saved on my backup hard drive. In honor of the 10-year anniversary of my trip, I thought I would upload the compilation of my study abroad memories. Read on if you would like to hear my tales of eating ridiculously good food, meeting colorful characters, traveling on my own for the first time, and seeing iconic works of art and architecture. (Just keep in mind that I did this when I was 22, and some of the writing definitely reflects my age!)